Monday, February 25, 2008

We had a busy but fun weekend! Saturday we went to Duluth to visit our friends, Natalie, Allen, Nora, and new baby Joliana. It was crazy! The babes weren't the happiest... at least one was loud or crying at all times... we laughed a lot, looking at our situation and trying to remember the days with no kids when we would stay up all night playing Rook and eating chocolate chip cookies :-) It was a good trip!

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natalie eve said...

Seriously! Next time we are for sure having a sleep over - either here or at your place (although we do have more pack-n-plays) and putting the babes down early so we can have our "adult time" - cookies and cards. :)
But it was really good to see you guys. I love your Addie. She is soooo cute!!